Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rose and Lucy: The best of friends already

Rose recently turned 3!

Here are some moments from the daily journal I keep:

December 7
Rose: Took little Lucy under her wing and they played together for over an hour. Rose would say, "Come on Lucy, let's go this way." She would ask her nicely for something and patiently plead with her until she would get the desired toy back.

December 8
Rose: Is Lucy's little advocate. She'll come up to me and say, Lucy got a bonk, she needs a kiss. Or she'll just do the kissing herself.

December 10
Rose: Overheard this conversation between Lucy and Rose today: Lucy - "Op, op." Rose - "You want to open that (can of nuts)?" Lucy - "Uh huh" with a nod of the head. Rose - "We can't have a snack Icy, we just had our lunch. We can't have nuts." Lucy - "Mm ha" with a reluctant nod of her head. She's such a little mother already.

December 11
Rose: Loves to pretend to be Mary by putting a blanket over her hair and holding her baby doll and saying it's baby Jesus.

December 12
Rose: Andrew dressed up as Santa at Mom's Club today and Rose whispered to me, "Daddy?" I told her that he was Santa's helper today.

December 13
Rose: Went to see the Kid's symphony concert with Santa today (An early Christmas present from Paul and Melissa). Rose was loving it and started conducting the music in her chair and laughing and smiling when the music got really loud.

December 14
Rose: Had a mini birthday party for Rosie at Grampa and Nai Nai's house. She was so excited to blow out the candles she could barely finish the song. She got new PJ's and a bowling set from Nai Nai and Grampa, and her first tricycle from Mommy and Daddy since it was too big to take to Texas. I can't believe my little Rose is almost 3!

December 15
Rose: Refused to eat her celery in her chicken noodle soup for dinner. It wasn't until promises of a candy after dinner and Mommy eating celery with her spoon, did she decide her fork was no good and asked for a spoon. Then she proceeded to eat lots and lots of celery using her spoon. She was pretty proud of herself.

December 16
Rose: Loves racing! Especially from our car to our house or if we are done playing outside, then it's a race to the house. She loves being the fastest and winning. Occasionally when Andrew or I doesn't realize she is racing and just bringing Lucy in, she gets very very upset if she loses.

December 17
Rose: Found Rose in her room with Lucy. She was giving Lucy a pretend bath. She had her sit in the laundry basket full of toys. Then she had her get out and sit on her lap with her towel and then started brushing her hair. Lucy loved it as much as I did. It was simply adorable.

December 22
Rose: Was super good on both flights to Texas. She didn't get scared like last time and had fun playing with toys and looking out the window. She liked to play with the tray and get her own drink.

December 23
Rose: Had so much fun playing with her cousins and all the toys at Grandma and Grandpa's house that we hardly saw her at all. I had to keep checking on her to see if she was OK because I wasn't used to not seeing her in that big house. But she was always having the time of her life. The one bad thing was that potty training went out the window and we eventually stopped trying and let her wear pull ups while we were there.

December 24
Rose: I can't believe she's 3 now. It just hit me today how old she is. We had a fun Sleeping Beauty party where I made her my first attempt at a fancy cake. You could tell she really loved it all. She is an expert candle blower by now so I had to keep the cake far away from her just so we could finish the Happy Birthday song before she blew them out.

December 25
Rose: Was so excited to wear her new backpack for her doll from Grandma and Grandpa. She also had fun finding things in her stocking and eating all the food as quick as she could.

December 26
Rose: Grandparents and everyone all had fun going to the Children's Museum of Houston. Rose especially liked the pretend grocery store and wanted to get everything on her list. She also practically beamed when she was able to use paint for the first time and paint a picture wearing a full blown smock.

December 28
Rose: Looked so pretty in her Christmas dress from Grampa and NaiNai and with her hair half up looks all grown up. She loves to show everyone her princess sandal shoes that light up when she stomps.

December 29
Rose: Had fun playing ping pong with Grandpa, playing on Grandpa's phone, and reading books with Grandma. Was excited to see Grandpa set up his electric train and listen to Grandma's clock play Christmas music every hour.

December 31
Rose: Flew to Phoenix to visit Great-Gram and Rose did pretty good again on the airplane. She was very excited to help us find our bags on the conveyor belt, especially her carseat after the flight.

January 2
Rose: Went to visit Grampa Griffith's gravesite and were explaing to her about how people die and she asked "How do you get to heaven?" We told her Jesus takes us there. Right after this conversation we get a phone call that Gram has to go to the emergency room. She had to stay there 2 days, but luckily it was nothing serious.

January 3
Rose: Without Gram there, Di and Kathy and Kevin came over with dinner to keep us company. Rose warmed up to DiDi and even had a pea eating contest with her at dinner when Rose was refusing to eat hers. The game worked like a charm and Rose ate them as fast as she could to beat DiDi.

January 4
Rose: Was super sweet with Gram and let her read her lots of books. She liked looking at the pictures of her aunts while eating meals when they were 3 just like her.

January 5
Rose: Did really well on the short flight home and was super cute with Katie and Mary who picked us up and then came back to our house with a Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. She especially liked to see that there was snow here in Utah and started crunching it with her feet before we came inside, even though she was exhausted from our trip.

January 14
Rose: Decided she has croup again. She didn't have a feverish afternoon where she crashed on the couch today like she has all the rest of the days and had a better appetite, so hopefully she is almost through the illness. 

January 15
Rose: Andrew and I couldn't understand what Rose was asking for for the longest time when she kept saying "Fenchie Menchie?" until Andrew finally figured out she wanted her "Fancy Nancy" book. Her pronunciation is still a little comical at times.

January 16
Rose: This is what she told me today: "I have a baby in my tummy, but I have to wait a loooong time (with emphasis) before it comes out. I have to wait until after Ashley's (she never uses my name) birthday. It is a baby brother. I have to get some clothes for the baby." Then she gathered lots of Lucy's clothes and one of her suit cases and said, "I'm going to the hospital." Later she said things like, "I can't eat candy because I have a baby in my tummy and the baby will get sick." Or "the baby brother isn't a little baby it is a big brother who can talk and walk and is taller than you."

January 18
Rose: Has started purposely being on the end in our pew at church so that she can be the one to get the bread and water first. And she even likes to hold the tray to pass it to the rest of us. She wants to do things herself now a days.

January 21
Rose: I love hearing Rose try to say new words like "Congratulations" or "Your highness." Her pronunciation and cute voice make it so adorable.

January 22
Rose: We got some new shoes for Rose today at DI and she was so excited about the whole process. She put on her new pink sneakers and said, "Now I can run so fast!"

January 24
Rose: Measured the girls today. Rose had a pretty good growth spurt for six months.

January 25
Rose: Andrew and I got to teach Rose's sunbeam class today. She did so good about sitting in her chair and being quiet (unlike some children), but was super shy when anyone would call on her or ask her a question. During sharing time everyone was supposed to go up to the microphone and say their name and that they were a child of God. Rose would only go up with me and then started acting like a baby with baby talk and crawling on the floor. She is just a little shy.

January 26
Rose: For FHE tonight we taught Rose about the 1st Article of Faith and the Godhead. She got the last part, "and in the Holy Ghost" down really good. We are going to start saying it every night so she can learn them well since they are doing them in Primary this year.

January 28
Rose: Even though Christmas is over, Rose still requests Jingle Bells often as her choice of song and sing/shouts it loudly through the house.

Lucy is 18 months and growing up fast.

Here are some of her highlights:

December 7

Lucy: Is starting to understand discipline a lot better. She has been so picky at meals lately, so I finally tried the tactic, "If you eat this first, then you can have this." She understood and it works most of the time now.

December 8
Lucy: Every time I'm doing something in the kitchen, she'll start saying dishes and beg for a chair. After she gets her chair set up in front of the sink, she'll play with the water and spoons and cups sometimes making water messes, sometimes not. I'm usually able to keep cooking or doing dishes fairly well for a long time while she plays unless Rose wants to join in too and then it's usually less productive.

December 9
Lucy: Loves to go through our names, she'll say Mama, Dada, Wooah (Rose with a big Oh face), sssss (for Lucy). She'll have us say it with her and point to the right person and do it over and over again. It is so fun and cute.

December 11
Lucy: Has become a huge eater the last few days. She is either making up for her sick periods or is going through a growth spurt because she is eating constantly and the only thing that gets it to her behave: i.e. "You're not going to get any yogurt, unless you put your jammies on." She complies immediately.

December 13
Lucy: Was excited at the Kid's symphony concert with Santa to clap her hands after every song and look around at all the other people clapping. She followed Rose's lead and started conducting too and was very interested in Santa and excited to see him.

December 14
Lucy: Was singing away almost all through church today very loudly even when everyone else was done singing. She loves to sing! Then she sang and danced a lot at Nai Nai and Grampa's house.

December 16
Lucy: Loves shushing everyone when she decides her baby doll or another toy is sleeping. They usually only stay asleep for a few seconds because Lucy is so excited for them to wake up.
December 17
Lucy: Was so excited to be the one to hold the challah bread when we were delivering to neighbors tonight. She knocked on the door herself, and handed it over to a nice Korean lady. This is our 3rd year in a row with this Christmas tradition.

December 21
Lucy: Put her in the nursery in our ward for the first time and she did great! She didn't come out at all and they said she was a little touchy at times, but they were able to calm her down. This is huge improvement over Rose's nursery battles!

December 22
Lucy: Was pretty good on the airplane too. She finally crashed on the second flight in my arms while sucking on her lollipop. It was hard to get the sucker away from her for awhile, but eventually had success. She liked to play on the floor and found that it was a good place to do her business since she had a little privacy.

December 23
Lucy: Took a long time warming up to everyone, but had fun discovering the big house at Grandma and Grandpa's. She became very clingy to me and could be shouting "Mama, Mama" very often usually from the upstairs balcony.

December 25
Lucy: Go figure, the one day she is sleeping soundly and I have to wake her up because everyone else is waiting to start Christmas at 7:30. I didn't mind because it was fun to watch her open her presents. She was into it and had lots of fun making "Wow" faces as she opened them.

December 26
Lucy: let Uncle Merrick lead her to a craft coloring area and worked on a picture together. I was able to finally leave the room without her caring. Then later, when we were playing in the tots area, she came up to Merrick with a book and they had fun reading together for a while. It was a good bonding time.

December 27
Lucy: Has slept so well here in Texas too. She was first in a pack n play in my parents walk in closet with a monitor and then we moved her to her own room when the house was not so full of people. Both times, she slept all through the night, napped great and was a champ. She woke up a little too early sometimes, but I was so surprised and pleased with how this trip has gone.

December 29
Lucy: Has started asking where Grandma and Grandpa are or being sad when they leave for a little while. Used the word "no" over and over again this trip mostly to Grandma when asked if she could hold her. She definitely lets her opinion be known.

December 30
Lucy: She also put on a show at the Benihana dinner. She would shout "More" so loudly for food I couldn't keep up at all with her demands. Then she would dance around in her chair and smile and enjoy the chef tricks which made her grandparents beam.

December 31
Lucy: This was not a good flight for Lucy. It was long and Lucy did not nap all day. So she was tired and cranky and did not want to be held in my lap. It was hard to distract her and keep her happy. We had to use lots of tactics like looking out the window a lot and lots of snacks. She finally crashed in the car when Grampa came to pick us up from the airport.

January 1
Lucy: Was pretty clingy and kept her distance to the new faces in Arizona, but especially liked trying to find the cat which she called "Mow".

January 4
Lucy: Didn't do well in nursery again at Jayne and Paris' ward. But she was definitely more comfortable with Gram when she came home from the hospital and had fun finding peach pits and putting them in the wagon with Rose.

January 5
Lucy: Had fun looking at the little baby Jonah back at our house. She really likes babies right now and I hope she stays that way for when our little boy comes along.

January 13
Lucy: She must understand to some extent that there is a baby in my tummy because Andrew said when I was at my doctor's appointment she said "" and pointed to her tummy.

January 14
 Lucy: Definitely growth spurting, slept in til 8:15 this morning and had gone to bed at 6:30 the night before. She ate like a little piglet too, snarfing her beans and pulled pork down by the handfuls and all the time shouting "More!"

January 16
Lucy: At the Mommy & Me Yoga class for Mom's Club today, Lucy looked so cute trying to do a few of the stretches. She only did a few here or there and then mostly wanted to climb all over me which didn't allow me to accomplish anything.

January 17
Lucy: After being babysat by Grampa and Nai-Nai so we could go to the temple, Lucy included them in her broken record song she sings every day, "Mamamama, Dadadadada, RoRoRoRoRo, Icy,Icy,Icy, Grampa, Grampa, Grampa, NaiNaiNaiNaiNai, etc." She was so good for them too.

January 18
Lucy: Anytime there is music on or we're singing a song or even today in church (the sacrament song) Lucy puts her groove on. She has this jerky stomp dance that is hilarious and she loves to get into it no matter where she is. We've got to put both of these girls into dance someday.

January 19
Lucy: She loves taking care of her baby dolls right now. She will give them pretend baths, change their diapers, give them a bottle, and put them to bed, and tries to share her food with them. She is a good mommy in the making.

January 21
Lucy: Has gotten so cute about saying, "Ummmmm". Sometimes when you ask her something she will say "Ummmm" before answering or if we are singing songs in the car, after we finish one she will immediately say "Ummm" so we can think of another song to sing.

January 24
Lucy: Measured the girls today. Lucy is a little taller than what Rose was at 18 months.

January 27
Lucy: Whenever you ask her what color she wants, she always says "Yellow!" Sometimes I think she is getting her colors down, but most of the time it is a lucky guess because she is not consistent. But she sure loves to shout Yellow!

January 28
Lucy: Even though Christmas is over, Lucy still likes to sing the only Christmas song she caught on to, Away in a Manger, (just the Asleep, Asleep chorus). She will sing it to herself while she's playing with her toys or sing and dance to her own music.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Glimpse of the Girls

Lucy at 1 year

Rose at 2.5 years
I started this daily journal for the girls on Lucy's birthday and have really enjoyed being able to capture the moments.

June 27, 2014

Rose: measured for her 2.5 mark, 33 inches

Lucy: 1st birthday, measured a little taller than Rose at this age 27.75 inches, still didn't know how to blow out her candle, but had fun eating the cupcake, cooed to Grandma & Grandpa when they called to wish her a Happy Birthday

June 28

Rose: climbed a big tree house with Daddy.

Lucy: Had fun crawling around on the trampoline and going up and down the stairs over and over again with lots of help.

June 29

Rose: Went to the potty 3 times at church. Skyped with Ezra.

Lucy: Got really good at waving hi and bye bye.

June 30

Rose: Taught her about baptism for FHE tonight since it is Avery's birthday today and she turned 8. Rose said, "I get baptized too."

Lucy: Said her first distinguishable/official words today: ball and Jesus. The Jesus came during FHE tonight.

July 1

Rose: Had fun digging in the dirt outside with some neighbor friends

Lucy: When I said it was time to go outside and get her shoes, Lucy went and got Rose's shoes and tried to get me to put them on her.

July 2

Rose: Woke up in the middle of the night saying she was scared of snakes in her cribs. (We had seen a garden snake in the garden the previous evening.) Took her a long time to go back to sleep.

Lucy: While walking around she'll sing "aaa - tis, aaa - tis" over and over again which sounds like "Ashes, Ashes...we'll all fall down." We don't think she really knows that song since we only sing it once and a while, it just sounds like it.

July 3

Rose: Decided to have a tea party using our Tupperware drawer.

Lucy: Clapped her hands for the first time and then started doing it over and over again; Said diaper when getting a diaper change

July 4

Rose: Ate lots of cherries from Grandpa's cherry tree and stained her hands, mouth, and clothes.

Lucy: Waved her flag vigorously at the Provo Freedom Parade.

July 5

Rose: At "Colonial Days" in Orem, Rose and Rachel sat in the front row at school time and were very good. Rose drew a picture of an apple on her chalk board.

Lucy: Climbed up the stairs at Grampa and Nai Nai's house over and over again even when it was blockaded. The one time we didn't notice she was standing at the top of the stairs crying to get help to come down. Good thing she didn't try to get down herself.

July 6

Rose: Sent her Flounder fish to time out. Was such a good girl in sacrament meeting today. She didn't have to go to time out or try to get out of the pew at all. She was a good example to her sister who was not doing as well.

Lucy: Was very grumpy at church until Daddy found her two necklaces which she played with very well the rest of the block. She put them on over and over again and had fun handing them to people in Sunday School.

July 7

Rose: Had fun at the McDonald's play place for Family Home Evening. She even introduced Lucy to the friends she made by telling them her name and that she was 1. And then she tried to help her get into the big kid area before we stopped her.

Lucy: Snuggled so sweetly into my shoulder and insisted on giving Daddy and me kisses after finding us kissing.

July 8

Rose: I laid down on the floor in Rose's room during her nap and it took 45 minutes, but she finally passed out and slept for almost 2 hours. There's got to be a better way to get her to take a nap.

Lucy: 12 month check up. Weighed 19 lbs and 27.5 inches. She cried hard for her shots, but was a real champ after a couple of minutes. Doctor was a little concerned that her weight and height had dropped and wants her calories to be upped, but he also said it's normal because they are so mobile right now.

July 9

Rose: Couldn't get her shorts down by herself while I was nursing Lucy so had an accident in the bathroom. Cried really hard and was really upset about it. It's hard being 2 sometimes.

Lucy: Had a fever and feeling yucky all day because of her shots yesterday. Hardly ate any solids and mostly wanted to be held and snuggle. Poor thing!

July 10

Rose: Used the correct pronunciation of Corn Flakes this morning at breakfast time. She usually called it "clon clakes." She's growing up too fast.

Lucy: As I was smoothing over Andrew's hair for work today, Lucy starting fixing her own hair.

July 11

Rose: At a Haws Chalupa Night Rose was so excited to have her own dinner plate and ate every bite while sitting with other kids. She came up to us so excited that she had eaten her whole dinner and wanted to throw her paper plate in the garbage.

Lucy: It was Chick Filet Cow Appreciation Day so at the restaurant Lucy tried Root Beer for the first time and hated it. Then she would only eat the french fries if Andrew put it in a box for her to hold.

July 12

Rose: At "This is the Place" Pioneer Park, Rose was so sad when we missed the first train and kept crying, but then she was so happy that we got to ride it 3 times. And then when we got to the little kid train and rode it, she said, "This is so fun."

Lucy: Gets very upset when Rose ever sits on my lap. I try to have them both on there, but she continues to cry until Rose is off completely and will even kick and push her until she is the only one sitting in my lap.

July 13

Rose: Witnessed her first baptism today of a boy in our ward. She tried to go up to see it with all the kids, but there were so many kids and she was so short, she didn't get to see it at all. But she kept saying "When I'm 8 I want to be baptized just like Avery."

Lucy: Said "nana" over and over again while nibbling banana this evening.

July 14

Rose: Said "Goodbye you guys, I'm going to the office."

Lucy: Played peek-a-boo with Andrew and me from around the corner with a huge grin.

July 15

Rose: Likes to grab Lucy by her clothes and push or pull her along and occasionally calls her "her doggy." Lucy likes it sometimes, but most of the time does not appreciate it.

Lucy: Is getting good at communicating when she wants to be nursed. She will make the sign for milk (squeezing her hand) sometimes, tries to say milk (ma) sometimes, or mostly just cries and tries to get me to go to her room. She even tried bringing me the boppy pillow one time. Whenever I suggest it though, she understands really well and immediately heads to her room.

July 16

Rose: Has a really cute pronunciation of french fries: crench cries

Lucy: Whenever we say even casually "sing a song" Lucy immediately starts singing and sometimes waves her hand like the chorister. We always sing a song before reading scriptures in the morning, so now even when we pass the scriptures out she starts singing.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rose: 2 years, 2 months in a "Tutu"

Here is what this "big girl" has been up to lately:  

Learning her Letters
We have been teaching Rose her letters for a while now. She knows almost half of them and here they are in the order she learned them: J, I, R (which she calls Rose), S, O, A, B, E,and H. We started with her magnets on the fridge and now she uses her wooden blocks she got for Christmas.

Pretty Princess
Rose loves anything to do with princesses. She loves watching the shows, reading the books, and dressing up in all her "prettys." She is getting good at singing the songs: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream", "I'm wishing, hahaha", etc. She always calls Cinderella, Cinderelly just like the mice, and is always very concerned about Belle's papa.

Big Helper
Rose loves to help. She wants to be involved in what you are doing and have an assignment. She especially likes helping to wash the dishes, so I pull up a chair and she gets one sink and I get the other. She likes helping make the food. She'll either tear up the lettuce for a salad, put something in a bowl after it's been chopped, or mix and mix (or as she says "bate, bate, chocolate" - from Dora). And whenever Lucy needs a diaper change, Rose gets the diapers and wipes as fast as her little legs can carry her.

Talking it Through
Rosie hates diaper changes and getting dressed. So Daddy has been using some special methods to help her through these hard times. Whenever it's time to put new clothes on, Andrew puts her clothes on his head and says, "is this Daddy's shirt?" She lowers her brow, takes a step forward, points her finger and emphatically says "No Daddy. Silly. Those are Rose."  And then she takes them back and is willing to get dressed. He also tells her when it's diaper time that "Lucy is a baby, so she doesn't know how to take off her diaper, but Rose is a big girl so she knows how." She loves that and repeats it five times while taking her own diaper off. Again, then she is more willing to get a new one put on her.

Picks Up on Everything
Lately Rose has been trying out some of the terms of endearment Andrew and I use for each other. She will come up to us and ask so innocently, "What you doing, sweetheart?" or if she knows I need something from Andrew who is another room, she will yell, "Honey!" It is so cute. She also has been picking up on when one of us (OK just me) is having a hard time. If I'm worried or crying a little she will come up to me, pat my on the knee and say, "It's OK honey, be happy." She obviously has been observing Andrew's comforting tactics for some time now and has become the expert because it only takes one or two of her pleas and I've forgotten my trouble or start laughing at how adorable she can be.

We've finally got her drinking her morning and nightly milk in a sippy cup rather than a bottle. We just had to make sure it was a princess sippy cup and everything was fine. She can be pretty picky about food and really has a hard time eating anywhere but our own house, mostly because she is too distracted with the excitement around her. Eating has always been more like an optional thing, unlike most of us who view it as a necessity and a pleasure. The foods she really likes right now are: baked potatoes with lots of sour cream, goldfish, strawberries, pizza, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal, tacos, cheese, apples, CANDY, sausage, savory bread, mac n cheese, spaghetti, and lots and lots of juice. We're working on veggies, but so far they are a big "No!" right now.

Big Sister
Rosie loves her sister. She loves bossing her around, she loves tickling her, and she loves rolling all over her. Sometimes their play gets pretty rough, and Rose will knock Lucy over, or sit on her tummy while she is lying down. Lucy is tough and rarely cries. She just laughs through it, even when we are reminding Rose to "Be soft with Lucy." The big thing, though, is that if Lucy has a toy, Rose wants it bad. So we are still working on a lot of sharing issues especially because Lucy is already noticing when her prized chew toy has been taken away. But most of the time, they have way too much fun. Rose especially likes getting Lucy riled up until they are both laughing so hard that they can barely breathe. And now that Lucy is eating little puffs, Rosie loves putting them in her mouth one by one. She is already a little Mommy in the making.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lucy at 8 months

She is loads of fun all the time. I just can't get enough of her. Here is what she is up to:

She has been doing it for about a week now, and getting better and better at it. She mostly loves crawling to the high chair and pushing it around a bit, to the shoe closet, and wherever Rosie's snacks and juice happens to be. Lucy also climbs all over Rose's little chair whether Rose is sitting on it or not. And though it's hard to believe it's possible, the girls have been having even more fun together since Lucy has been mobile: laughing and rough housing hysterically. I have trouble getting anything done sometimes because all I want to do is watch them. The one down side of Lucy's crawling skills, is that she is determined to put everything in her mouth, and there always seems to be something she finds that I have to swipe out before she chokes.

Lucy loves to eat. Enough said. After the terrible battles with Rosie, we prayed and prayed that our next baby would actually like to eat. And the Lord has kindly answered our prayers. We are in the pureed baby food and puff cereal stage and it's loads of fun. She eats pretty much anything we give her and stays happy as long as the spoon keeps coming to her mouth and she can keep one eye on her big sis at all times. She's getting better at picking up her little puff cereal, but is not as coordinated as Rose was at this age. She still nurses a lot, but it is nice to be able to give her other food especially when we're out and about.

Lucy takes three naps now and sleeps anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Sometimes she falls asleep before I finish nursing her, but if not, I just put her in crib and let her put herself to sleep. If she's really having a hard time though, Andrew has perfected a crib rocking method that works really well. At night she sleeps from about 7:30-6:30 and only nurses once or twice. She sleeps in our room during the day, and then we move her crib out to the living room at night.

Lucy just cut her third tooth TODAY! Obviously just in time for her 8 month birthday and this blog post. She got her 2 front bottom teeth when she was about six months and now has her third coming in on the bottom as well right next to the others, which is a little surprising since they usually have the next ones be the top front teeth. But her little toothy grin is always to die for.

She isn't much of a babbler. She occasionally says bababa, but that's about it. I'm pretty sure Rose was saying mamama and dadada by this point. But whenever I babble to her to get her to start, she just laughs and laughs. So I think she must think it is too silly or something and will skip the baby babble and move onto words in a few months.

Other Random Facts
She can be really snuggly, especially when she wakes up. And she has a bashful side that is so cute. She is pretty content to play on the floor with toys as long as she doesn't see Mommy. In fact, I end up hiding from her a lot or Andrew will have her play with her back to me so that she doesn't see me. She's really strong and wiggly. Sometimes it is like a wrestling match when you hold her or are trying to get a new diaper on. She's always flailing and kicking, and grabbing my lip and hair while I nurse her. In fact, she even knocked my contact out of my eye when I was nursing her one time. I'm still not sure how that happened. But she really knows how to hold her own against her big sister.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Double the Christmas Spirit


Traditional live nativity at the Wells Family Christmas Party

Rose even got a swing at the pinata, with Daddy's help

We went to see the lights in Spanish Fork

Andrew & Sally setting up the luminarios on Christmas Eve 

 And we finished the year off with a trip there and back again.


Santa brought me a new chair for Christmas.
Look at me!

Feliz Navidad